Preaching Schedule

Preaching Schedule for July 2018

August 5 am One Dimensional God Mark 11:15-19

We see God in a different light depending on what we feel is important. Does God care more about orphans or about doctrinal purity? Would Jesus be more concerned with worship or bringing love to the world? We need to live the fullness of God.

August 5 pm Ashby Camp Will be speaking today.


August 12 am The God of Self Help Gen 11:1-9

We need God because our world is in crisis. So many things are going wrong. Is the only reason we need God our problems? The trend is to build a society that forgives its own sin and solves its own problems.

August 12 pm Stan Chaplin will be speaking today.


August 19 am God of Love or Law Matt 22:34-40

God wants obedience and he wants love. Why do we see those in conflict? Are we to be known as a people of love or people who obey the truth. When we look at the Bible neither one is enough.

August 19 pm Robin Verdugo will be speaking today.


August 26 am Equipping Families to Weather the Storms of Life

Joshua 24:14-15

Dr. Samuel Jones will be speaking today.

August 26 pm Afternoon session with Dr. Jones and no evening sessions planned.