Preaching Schedule

Preaching Schedule for June 2018

June 3 am From Small to Great Matt 13:31-33

Great things come from small beginnings. If that principle is true then God is in the process of making great things in our life. When we allow him to work in our life great things can happen.

June 3 pm Ashby Camp will be speaking.


June 10 am Abundant Grace Romans 5:1-5

Abundance of Grace doesn’t come from having more sin. We receive the abundance of Grace because of Jesus. It is who he is that makes this grace to great.


June 10 pm Stan Chaplin will be speaking.


June 17 am Abundant Family Genesis 1:26-28

Family is abundance. God said to be fruitful and multiply from the beginning. It is the bond formed that makes abundance possible. With this abundance comes responsibility to pass it on to new generations.

June 17 pm


June 24 am Abundant Love John 3:16-21

God loves the world and does not want them to perish but to gain eternal life. What kind of love does it take to love them out of their habits and wants? God’s love reaches our fears and rebellion to give something better than anger. God has abundant love.

June 24 pm